Refund policy

Returns, exchanges and open purchases

When buying from Connel ID, you do not have an open purchase or right of return as each product is tailored and unique to you. We therefore remind you to review your order thoroughly before final order.

If you should receive a wrongly delivered product and your order does not match your delivered product, please contact and you will arrange. we offer you a new product free of charge.


We guarantee that the goods you ordered are faultless upon delivery. Should you receive a defective or incorrectly delivered item, you must contact customer service ( as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days. Return the item in the condition in which it was received accompanied by a damage or defect report, and you will be entitled to it within 5 working days. The incorrectly delivered item must be in unused condition. Return the item together with the payment confirmation. Feel free to fill in the reason for the return in the form.

NOTE! Before you return defective / incorrectly delivered goods, you must contact Customer Service at to have the complaint approved.